Reach Orbit mentoring discontinued for new signups

We've discovered that 1-1 mentoring is way more effective within the context of the Startup Academy than it is for founders on the $29/month Reach Orbit plan.

With that in mind, we are no longer offer ad-hoc 1-1 mentoring for new premium members.

Instead, we now offer a $10/month Momentum plan that offers all the features of the $29/month Reach Orbit plan - without mentoring or Slack.

(Note: Existing Reach Orbit members remain unaffected and continue to have access to 1-1 mentoring and Slack.)


The reason 1-1 mentoring in the Academy is more effective is because we can see each founder's context in ways that are not possible with ad-hoc mentoring.

For example, as part of the Academy course work, we ask founders to share strengths, weaknesses, revenue goals, startup history, tech stack. We see which ideas founders like, and we get a deep sense of each person's product/founder fit.

With so much context we literally have a "chart" for each founder which enables us to be on-point in ways that were not possible before.

With that in mind, we have decided to focus on our Academy mentoring program and double down on finding ways to make it even more effective.