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I am finance officer for a startup that has grown from 1-30 people over the course of 2 years. During the early growth phase a lot of people signed for many different SaaS services such as growth hacking tools, analytics tools etc.

Unfortunately, due to the disorganized nature of the early phase I am finding it difficult to hunt down all the different services that were signed up for. Also, since some early people have left I have no way of knowing what the password is or the email that was used to signup. Yet, various company credit cards are still getting billed!

The ideal solution to this problem would be a single place to view and manage all our SaaS tool subscriptions. A basic database type tool would be a start, but it would be even more useful if the tool could somehow control the actual spending and I could assign different users different amounts of monthly spends available for SaaS purchases.

Of course basic analytics would be very helpful so that I could keep a close eye on our overall SaaS spend on a monthly and yearly basis. It would also be helpful if it could keep track of emails and passwords.

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