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We focus on helping software developers launch successful side projects

Show and tells. Bi-Weekly webinars. Live mentoring. Kick ass Community.

It's Time

If you're ready to put in the hard work, we have solid information and resources that can help you get the job done.

Show and tell log of a professional building a live SaaS business. Starting from choosing the idea, through creating $5k+/mrr.
Bi-Weekly webinars focused on the hard-core detail behind validating, marketing, drip campaigns, conversion tactics etc.
Live mentoring via Slack from seasoned SaaS professionals. Need help choosing an idea? Want a mockup reviewed? Just ask.
A Discourse forum and a Slack community of like minded entrepreneurs helping each other succeed.
Premium Nuggets: Different than Our Free List. A hand curated startup idea picked at a 1-10 ratio from idea submissions. In your inbox every day, along with over 371+ startup ideas, with analysis, in every imaginable market.

If you succeed, we succeed

Our mission is to help you launch and grow a SaaS side project to reach escape velocity and become self sustaining.

We do this through show and tells, bi-weekly webinars, live Slack mentoring, and a kick-ass community of like minded entrepreneurs.

We do this because we want you to succeed and because it feels good.

We've done this before

We haven't built multi-million dollar companies but we have built and grown successful side projects while holding down a day job. It's something we know how to do.

Justin Vincent

Justin bootstrapped & ´╗┐´╗┐sold the social media dashboard Pluggio. He co-hosts TechZing, a well known tech startup podcast with over 300 episodes of interviews and discussions. He founded Nugget and is also CTO of a large educational technology company.

Brandon Sellers

Brandon eats, breathes and sleeps growth hacking and business development. He is consultant to a number of startups, including Nugget, where he runs marketing and is community manager.

We've identified the problems that hold you back and solved them

The Impostor Syndrome Problem

One of the hardest aspects about launching a side project is believing in yourself and having the confidence to do it.

We solve this problem by building a SaaS startup in-front of your eyes. You get to see, with full transparency, each decision made, each marketing campaign, and much more. This removes all the surprises and shows there is nothing superhuman required in order to get the job done.

This is a show and tell log that shows exactly what we do from picking the idea through to growing to $5k/mrr and beyond.

The Momentum Problem

The biggest killer of side projects is... you. Or, more specifically, your ability to maintain momentum, keep pushing through hard stuff.

We solve this problem with our show and tell log along with our rapidly growing community that keeps you in the game.

If you get blocked, for any reason, you can reach out to the community or Justin & Brandon directly and brainstorm how to get past that issue.

The Miracle Function Problem

We all like to listen to successful founders tell their story, it's very inspiring. However, in reality, it does little to teach us how to execute a side project.

For example, in an interview, a founder might say something like "I launched, and within 2 months I had 100 customers". Rarely do we get to hear the step-by-step details behind that growth.

At Nugget, we unpack these types of miracle functions in 3 ways:

With all of the above 3 methods we show you the specifics you need to know. Right down to the nitty-gritty details like: What software to use. What settings to use. Etc.

The "What should I build?" Problem

If you don't have a good idea for your new SaaS project... we got this.

We have over 371 extremely high quality SaaS business ideas you can browse and use as you see fit. We also email a new SaaS business idea to all members every day.

Each idea is pre-screened and has accompanying analysis such as market size, links to competition, ideas to find customers etc.

If you want to discover your own idea, we also have a number of resources to help you get started with that and sensibly qualify anything you come up with.

Customer Testimonials
Justin has really helped me take my first steps in starting my first SaaS business. He gives clear guidance every step of the way that he explains meticulously and understandably to a noob. I am certain with his guidance, I will reach escape velocity before the year is over. It's clear that he's invested in, even excited about my success.
  - Habib Alamin
The ideas every day are great but the best part is the community and Justin. Justin has helped me get the confidence that I really can do this and set me on a good path for validating the ideas I like.
  - Nick Goede
For me, the real value in Nugget hasn't been in the daily stream of great ideas, but in the vibrant community of like minded people. The feedback I've had and connections I've made have already made the subscription more than worth it. Justin in particular seems determined to get every one of us launched and starting to bring in real, life changing revenue. You couldn't ask for a better mentor and coach.
  - Edward McLeod-Jones
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