Indie Founder Bootcamp

To the Indie Founders Who Will Settle for Nothing Less Than Freedom

7 Bedrock Lessons for Your Side Hustle. Based on Research with Hundreds of Indie Founders.

"This is a really concise and to the point guide to help you get started in modern day business."
Rosie Sherry
Indie Hackers
"I wish I had this training decades ago! Save yourself years of dead ends with this common sense framework."
Ken Wallace
"Great starter course to help you level up your business! Really enjoyed it."
Sarah Jane Vincent
Miss Content Creative
"The startup school I wish I had when I was starting out. Could have saved me years!"
Richard Chen
"Takes the mystery out of starting a business that actually makes money."
Jeremy Notzelman
Press Advantage
Fun Fact: The bootcamp content (100% free for you) has been adapted from the Nugget Startup Academy that has an RRP price of $4,997.