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I work on websites for small businesses. I am always trying to find new clients that need websites built from the ground up and even for additions to the sites that they already have.

A lot of times the people that I deal with will have outdated websites that aren't setup for the mobile devices that everyone is using nowadays.

I feel like I can express the importance of this to business owners and would be stoked about a software that would find sites for me that aren't responsive.

I would also want the software to target geographical locations so that I could canvas the regions around me and setup face to face meetings with the business owners.


I work in the film industry. We distribute, revise, redistribute a lot of documents on a daily basis.

Often we need to watermark confidential documents for individuals. Tracking and distributing all of this paperwork is time and resource consuming.

It would be great to have secure software that would distribute this paperwork to groups built into the system.

Users could be alerted when there are revisions to their paperwork or when there is a new document ready for them.

Read receipts would be helpful as well, so the production office would be alerted when the individual opens the file.


I work in IT as a product/project manager. I run several projects at a time and need to communicate with a wide range of people about tasks, deliverables, etc.

I constantly use Google calendar to schedule meetings, Gmail to communicate, and Google docs to collaborate. At the end of each week when I want to provide project updates to people, I have to use Basecamp and manually remember/write down what happened.

I would love another product that could scan my email, calendar and docs for keyword or themes and provide a partially filled in template for project updates for me.

I would pay for this and recommend it to the other 10 product managers I work with.


I am finance officer for a startup that has grown from 1-30 people over the course of 2 years. During the early growth phase a lot of people signed for many different SaaS services such as growth hacking tools, analytics tools etc.

Unfortunately, due to the disorganized nature of the early phase I am finding it difficult to hunt down all the different services that were signed up for.

The ideal solution to this problem would be a single place to view and manage all our SaaS tool subscriptions. A basic database type tool would be a start, but it would be even more useful if the tool could somehow control the actual spending.


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