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We ask thousands of people if they have a problem software can solve. We pick the best and then send them out by email every day.

Some examples of ideas we've sent out:

Robot that paints perfect lines on sporting fields

I think this could be a problem you could solve, I was watching an MLS(soccer) playoff game and before the game they had to remeasure and paint lines on the field.

I saw 3 people covering the original lines and remeasuring and repainting the lines to the correct measurements, moments prior to the game starting.

If they would have done it correctly the first time, they wouldn't have had to push back the start of the game, full of a stadium of people.

Couldn't you make some software for all sporting events to program a robot to correctly paint the lines? Do to it being pro and college sports that could use it, i believe it could be a good business opportunity.

Hotel planner for teams

I work for the energy department and we have numerous conferences per year.

We have to manually create spreadsheets of hotel accommodations that show rooms, seating, catering vendors, how the seating style can be prepared, if the room has audio and visual capability, wifi capability, a place on tables for laptops to be plugged in... it's a pain in the a**.

How great would it be to have a software with loaded information on what accommodations are for mid to high end hotels!?

Projected sparing partner for boxing

As keen follower and also competitor in Boxing and the training it involves, I find myself feeling silly when shadow boxing or even without a partner to offer the aspect of sparring.

I propose an app or software of some description that has Pre-programmed database based of movements and styles of today's professionals.

The idea that if you are training alone or like me feel silly shadow boxing, the software can project a shadow or figure onto a wall or garage door etc, that possess movements based on the professional of your choice, an option to sell the different athletes programs is always available.

This gives the trainee a focus and a sparring partner.

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