Nugget Status (Dec 2023)

Latest info on Nugget

Hi there,

Since there has been renewed interest in Nugget I wanted to put together a page that explains where Nugget is at, and answers some frequently asked questions.

Justin Vincent


What is the current status of Nugget?
  • In 2016 Nugget began life as the first email list to send a "SaaS idea every day".
  • In 2017 Nugget evolved into a paid training academy for founders.
  • In 2020 I put the academy on hold and created the Indie Founder Bootcamp
  • In 2023 Rob Walling posted YouTube videos mentioning Nugget which is why new people are finding Nugget now
  • In 2023-2024 Nugget is transitioning to IndieFounder where all learning content is set to be hosted freely and 5 ideas a week continue to be posted to the core email list.
Was the academy successful?

The most successful academy alumni is Matteo Mosca who has built multiple business based on Nugget teachings and earned life changing revenues.

Is the academy still open? Does any part of Nugget cost money?

No. The academy is closed. Its key content has been extracted from behind the paywall, condensed, and made available for free as the Indie Founder Bootcamp. I'm just looking to help folks at this point.

Why use Nugget now?
  • Nugget's Indie Founder Bootcamp is the #1 course for new Indie Founders to read. It will help you uncover things "you don't know, you don't know" and save you years of headache.
  • Nugget's 4k+ ideas are an excellent source of inspiration for your next project.
  • Nugget's Slack community is a place where you can connect with like minded Indie Founders.
Are the Nuggets recent? Where did they come from?

All Nuggets were sourced via Mechanical Turk in 2016-2018 (see below for method). In other words they are a few years old and the original poster is not reachable!

The best way to think about the Nuggets at this point is to find ones that you are interested in and then use my "open ideas" techniques to make them more relevant to you.

I can't find a good idea can you help with that?

Yes, read these lessons from behind the academy paywall:

Note: I can’t support you with the mechanical turk method since it has probably changed since I wrote it. Also I think it would be less successfull since these days turkers game the system for questions like this.

I want to validate my idea can you help with that?

Yes, read these lessons from behind the academy paywall:

Important: AFTER you read the lessons, read the below notes that supercede the information in those lessons:

  • Don't build a landing page first, before you do that, simply validate your idea by talking to people in related online communities and also getting on the phone with them.
  • Do not use Slack for your seed group, instead use Discord, it is a better tool with less restrictions.
What framework did you use to make Nugget?

It is all custom code (PHP, Laravel, JavaScript) no frameworks. The look/feel is inspired by DK (Dorling Kindersley) books I read when I was younger.

Where is the best place to follow what Justin is working on?

IMHO The best place to chat with me and other simpatico founders is on the TechZing discord which is the companion community to my podcast.

The TechZing podcast has been live since 2009 it is one of the original 2 buddies talking about side projects.

Jason Roberts, my co-host, is currently launching Math Academy. It already has 400 paying subscribers, and huge market potential. So, this would be a great time to start listening if you want to see the birth of something very successful.

I have some ideas/feedback to help you improve Nugget

Thanks so much! That said, I am currently not developing Nugget. That said, I am always open to discuss anything both in the Nugget Slack and the TechZing podcast Discord.