The Nugget Startup Academy

Case Studies

In these interviews Justin V. (the Academy founder and instructor) interviews students about their experiences.

Habib A. / Attend
Justin talks with Habib about how he pivoted from a market he loved but couldn't get traction in, and then quickly found lightning in a bottle.
Tom M. / Waiting Room
Justin talks with Tom about how the Academy and the community helped him reimagine his day job skillset as an unfair advantage.
Charles B. / Handy Quote
Justin talks with Charles about how the Academy helped him break free from the cycle of adding to his "graveyard of projects".
Chris F. / Get Upgraded
Justin talks with Chris about how the Academy helped him uncover Get Upgraded after years of building side projects and getting nowhere.
Cody R. / Sermon Chat
Justin talks with Cody about how the Academy has helped him validate a project in a market that lights him up.
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