Nugget Startup Academy

An Introduction to The Academy
by Nugget Founder, Justin V.


I want you to imagine you’re spacewalking outside the International Space Station. You can see the moon. You are holding a dart. You decide you want to throw the dart and hit the moon. Adjusting for the earth's rotation you carefully aim and throw. Your dart begins its 238,000-mile journey. Will it hit the moon?

For most people, they have about as much chance of hitting the moon with a dart as they do of starting a profitable side project.

Let's face it, almost all the people who want to start a side project, don't. Those who do start rarely get it finished. Those who finish rarely make any money. Those who make money rarely make enough to replace their full time job.

BFG origin

I have a new and improved visualization for you.

Imagine you have a 1000-mile long dart gun strapped to the International Space Station. It has a target scope the size of Hubble. You load your dart into the gun. You train the crosshairs on the dead center of the moon and fire. The dart shoots down the perfectly straight 1000-mile barrel and begins its 237,000-mile journey. Will it hit the moon?

Maybe, maybe not. Either way, it has a hell of a better chance than if you threw it by hand.

The Nugget Startup Academy is just like that 1000-mile long dart gun.

I can't guarantee you'll hit the moon, but if you join the academy and follow instructions, your chances of starting a profitable side project will go from almost zero to very high.

About Your Instructor

Hey there! I am Justin V. founder and creator of Nugget. Originally from the UK, I live in Los Angeles with my lovely wife Georgie and son Jack.

In my day job I am CTO and founding team member of an EdTech startup. We have an excellent P&L with a rapidly growing customer base of school districts across the US. Our product impacts hundreds of thousands of kids.

As a side project I bootstrapped and sold a SaaS social media dashboard called Pluggio. I also co-host well known tech startup podcast called TechZing.

Most of all, I am obsessed with technology and startups and helping other founders achieve their goal of starting a profitable business.

About Your Facilitator

Hey there! I am Laura J. your facilitator!

I've worked along side Justin in the EdTech startup mentioned above for 5 years as product manager and instructional designer.

My role within Nugget is as lead instructional designer and facilitator. I aim to make sure you get the most out of this program. If that means kicking your butt to get you to do the work, then so be it!

Program Basics

The Nugget Startup Academy is based on Justin's learnings from starting multiple profitable side projects and startups.

With Laura's influence this program uses best practice instructional techniques. The platform has been built from the ground up by Justin specifically for this learning experience. The course work is split into twelve highly pragmatic stages:

1: Create a Winning Mindset
2: Discover Ideas & Markets
3: Cut the Worst, Keep the Best
4: Find Your Product/Founder Fit
5: Build Bare Bones Landing Page
6: Pick a Seed Group Strategy
7: Listen & Learn
8: Create Blueprints & Hi-fi Mockups
9: On Your Mark: Design Sales Site
10: Get Ready: Prep Sales Automation
11: Get Set: Create Launch Plan
12: Go: Build & Launch!

The program consists of over 145 lessons, activities and discussions (for a deep dive into the table of contents click here).

Work is self paced and can take anywhere from 3-12 months depending on your schedule. You will be assigned to a cohort of 10 founders. Your batch will act as your study and accountability group. Your batch will also be in friendly competition with other batches.

If you've been frustrated about spending months, perhaps years, getting no where... this program is for you.

After completing the Nugget Startup Academy, you will know once and for all, exactly, step-by-step, how to create a profitable side project.

Pricing & Availability

Initial batches are launching on an ongoing basis throughout the summer and fall of 2018. The first few batches of 10 founders will be charged a vastly reduced fee of $247 to join the academy. (This is to help us work out the kinks before we start charging the full price of $1,988.)

If you would like to apply to be part of the first few batches, please read the following compatibility statements and agree/check them if you believe them to be true:

If you still want in, then enter your best email and click apply below!