The Nugget Startup Academy

Our Process

A step-by-step methodology, delivered via a purpose-built platform, that enables founders to discover, validate, build and launch a profitable side project.

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Stage 1
Create a Winning Mindset
Stage 2
Discover Ideas & Markets
Stage 3
Cut the Worst, Keep the Best
Stage 4
Find Your Product/Founder Fit
Stage 5
Build Bare Bones Landing Page
Stage 6
Pick a Seed Group Strategy
Stage 7
Listen & Learn
Stage 8
Create Blueprints & Hi-fi Mockups
Stage 9
On Your Mark: Design Sales Site
Stage 10
Get Ready: Prep Sales Automation
Stage 11
Get Set: Create Launch Plan
Stage 12
Go: Build & Launch!

We crafted our program and platform using leading instructional design techniques, with an emphasis on backwards planning, progress visualization, and inquiry-based exploration.

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