Justin Vincent

Dad / CTO / Indie Founder / Builder


I'm Justin Vincent, dad, indie founder, builder, author and podcaster. Originally from London, I live just outside Los Angeles with my lovely wife and 6yo son.

In the day I am CTO for two great companies (Modern Teacher, TrueSpace) and in my spare time I work on my side hustles and co-host two podcasts.

Side Hustle

Nugget Startup Academy   Founder

My long term passion project. In 2016 Nugget began life as an email list to send a "SaaS idea every day". Since that time, Nugget has evolved into an indie founder ecosystem and starting point.


Nugget / Bootcamp - 7 Lesson Indie Founder Bootcamp [Free]

Nugget / Ideas - Instant access to over 4,000 startup ideas [Free]

Nugget / Startup Academy - A batch based virtual startup incubator for indie founders


Nugget / Roadmap - Roadmap and milestones

Nugget / On TechZing - Episodes we discuss Nugget (appx. 20)

Nugget / Work Log - A daily log of things I've done and choices I've made about Nugget since Fri 9th Feb, 2018

Slider Roblox Game   Builder

It's a fast paced obby platform set in a dystopian space world future. My 6yo kid is the main advisor on this project.

Main Hustle

Modern Teacher   CTO / Founding Team

Personalized, blended, & competency-based learning. Working at scale with over 100 school districts.

TrueSpace   CTO

TrueSpace helps post-startup companies in the building phase of their business grow past $10m annual revenue.


Reactor Startup Podcast   Co-host  

Once a week we hold a 2 man mastermind and accountability session. I mainly talk about my various side hustles and other indie founder related ideas.

This podcast is turing out better than I had expected.

Main Site - Episodes & Comments

TechZing Startup Podcast   Co-host

From episode 1 to 300+ TechZing is a 10 year journey of friendship, tension, hacker talk and bootstrapping.

Of note, we were first to interview at least two founders who went on to build unicorns (Patrick Collison, Travis Kalanick) and many more who are now household names in the startup scene.

Main Site - Episodes & Comments

Recommended Episodes

200: TZ Wives - Setting the Record Straight

In this wives tell-all episode, Georgie Wisen-Vincent, Sandy Roberts and Sherry Walling give their respective views on what it’s like being married to a technology entrepreneur.

300: TZ Interview – Jason Roberts & Justin Vincent

Rob Walling guest hosts this special episode to review the highs and the lows of the TechZing journey so far.

329: TZ Discussion – Fever Dream

Justin and Jason discuss Justin’s impending move to the mountains and what life will be like living there, how Justin is throwing off his mental chains, why you should take advice from successful people with a grain of salt, the importance of taking time off, working with the Web Audio API, the messy development process of the original iPhone, the General Magic documentary, how startups are responsible for most technology innovation, the history of Slack, Justin’s new podcast, and predictions for the new decade.

Side Hustle Stats

Revenue: $502k

Customers: 1.3k

Users: 32k